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Arrival/Departure time on website

This might be a stupid question, but are the displayed departure/arrival times on the Netherlands' rail website local time or Netherlands time?

I'm looking at booking a train from Amsterdam to London, and the results I'm getting are (for example): depart AMS 14:54, arrive LON 19:56, travel time 5:02. If the travel time is 5 hours, and you leave Amsterdam at 3pm, you should arrive in London at 7pm local time because of the time difference, right? Or is there something really obvious that I'm missing?

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Ah, that must be it. I wasn't sure if the wait was factored into the "travel time" figure. I was looking on nshispeed, yes :) Thanks, Michael!

Also, anyone know if there is a "peak season" when it comes to trains? I'm looking up tickets to get an idea of the price for our trip which is later on (in October), and I'm getting lower prices for May than July.