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Ariving in Athens Int. Airport After Midnight pub transit options

Hello I will be ariving in Athens international Airport after midnight. What are my option as far as public transportation to central Athens near the Acrropolis and is the metro/subway one of them? Thank you for your help.

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Ross, considering that the unemployment rate is 25%, my husband would suggest a taxi would be safer from theft after midnight, especially if jet lag is involved. Just a consideration. His trip was in 2007.

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After midnight your only option is probably a taxi.
There is also a metro (subway train) and buses available but they don't run at night.

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I googled this and found a site that claims there is a 24 hour bus to Syntagma. However, was just in Athens and our hotel recommended a prearranged taxi for the reverse for a 4am departure from the hotel. The taxi price is set, but you still need to confirm price when you get in the taxi. Normally I would suggest sharing a taxi, but Athens is one city where it doesn't pay to share with others unless you are ALL picked up from and going to the same destination. It's a long way into town, I'd take a taxi after midnight.