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Are there restrictions on the APC photo taken upon re-entry to US

I am asking this question for a friend, a 70+ woman who must now wear a turban for medical reasons. Upon re-entering the US, does anyone know if it is obligatory to remove such a headpiece for the photo taken at the APC kiosk? She does not want to have to remove it, so would she have an alternative to the APC kiosk and photo? Would it be helpful for her to carry medical documentation the next time she travels internationally?
Thank you!

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I was wearing a beanie/tuban for my last 3 flights. I have alopecia. Two of the three security checks made me take it off. Once in the U.S. and once in Rome. They did ask me if I wanted to go into a private area. (I didn't care about taking it off in public) So you may want to warn her about the possibility this will happen to her as well.