Are Ryan Air carry-ons weighed at Luton for Dublin flights?

I have a medium size pack, not a backpack with frame but more a large day pack with laptop sleeve. It weighs about 12-15 kg with laptop, clothes, new pair Reeboks, charger, liquids and electronics. I was able to fit it all in this one bag for a German wings flight last week and since I printed my boarding pass they did not weigh it. But I need to stop at Ryan Desk at Luton next for passport stamp on Boarding Pass so am concerned they will weigh it then and since it is over 10kg charge me a fortune to check it which would destroy my laptop. So I want to prepare in the smartest and most economical way possible. .

They now allow a small second handbag. I wish I had my string backpack with me. There's a video on the web showing the new sizing bins which make me think I could use a shopping bag to put my size 11 reeboks in, stuffed with charger and electronics, then put the liquids bag in my cargo pocket until I get on the flight. This should equalize the weight. What do you think of this idea? If it sounds good when do you think I'd need to do all of this to be sure? Thanks!

Posted by Lo
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I'm a little confused here. 10kg is 22 pounds. My fully loaded 21.5" spinner, which I expect to have to check on any intra-European flight, only weighs 20 lbs (9kg). My 2nd bag typically weighs much less than 5kg (11 lbs).

So your total weight is very similar to mine, 12 - 15kg (26 - 33 lbs).

What is the weight limit for the 2nd carry on? The 2nd bin looked adequate for a bag if the weight limit works for your actual total.

And what is a "fortune" in real numbers for checking a bag on Ryan Air?

Posted by Marco
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Checking a bag on Ryanair varies from €15-£45 depending on flight and season if booked in advance (roughly double at the airport).

Carrying things on your person has been a long standing practice on low cost carriers.

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I would not want to check the carry-on because my laptop is in a sleeve but not protected enough so that if tossed or bumped it could easily ruin it.

Does a small shopping bag qualify as the second bag, into which I would put the pair of shoes stuffed with laptop charger and other electronics and my liquids baggy?

I normally have a small string day pack but don't have it with me this trip due to other airlines one-bag policy. But I don't see why it needs to be a purchased bag since surely others carry on shopping bags from the airport as their secondary bag?

Posted by Marco
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I would imagine any kind of bag would count, provided it was within all the stated dimensions.

As to larger bags note that Ryanair will only allow 90 into the cabin. Any more then get gate checked at no charge.

Posted by Laura
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As already advised, simply plan to follow Ryan Air's stated policies, including check-in deadline. Our forum guidelines do not permit discussion regarding how to circumvent rules, regulations, laws, etc.

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LMAO! You don't allow discussions of how to pack to avoid going overweight in my main pack when I'm allowed two bags which more than cover my total weight?

My bag weighed 9.8 at Luton and fit in the sizer. After boarding I put my shoes and laptop charger from shopping bag into the main pack and had no problems on my flights home the next day on A/C Rouge and connection.

Posted by Laura B
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Thanks for the follow-up that the shopping bag DID work to comply with the Ryan Air current rules.