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Are night trains available from Barcelona to Paris?

I will be traveling from Barcelona to Paris and was hoping to hop on a night train to reduce travel days. I can't seem to find up-to-date information about night trains available. I see TGV trains are available during the day, but nothing about night trains. I know they were available about a year or so ago, but can't find anything current. Does anyone know if they are still available or did they discontinue the route?? I sure hope not, I would hate to waste 7 hours of a day traveling when I could be site-seeing.

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The Joan Miro used to run at night between Barcelona & Paris - unfortunately they suspended service in December 2013.

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Spain's "Elipsos" brand night trains have all been discontinued, so the only international night trains from Spain are to Portugal. There still is a basic French night train departing from Cerbere at 19:40 to Paris, with 4-passenger 1st-class and 6-passenger 2nd-class couchettes. You'd buy a separate ticket to Cerbere. Flying from Barcelona to Paris can be pretty competitive; see