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are child seats required in Rome taxi cabs?

Hello. We will be travelling around italy next month with an infant and a 2 and 1/2 year old - we are renting a car with child seats for most of the trip, but while in rome plan on taking taxi cabs. My question is if child seats are required in rome taxis? Obviously I know it is safest to bring one and use it, however we can't really carry 2 child seats around with us every where we go in case we happen to need them for a 10 minute taxi ride - does anyone have any information or suggestions about this? Thanks so much - any help is greatly appreciated.

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I didn't experience this in Rome, but in other countries where child safety seats are required the taxi cabs seem to take no notice. At least once I wished I'd insisted as the ride was so scary, but never , even when I was carrying the seat, did the drive suggest/help put it in. In London the drive had us wheel the stroller on with my son in it. You will have to be the one to insist on a seat if you want one.

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I have never seen a car seat in a taxi, either in the US or in Europe.