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Approx how long to go thru customs at Rome airport?

We're flying into Rome ( da Vinci/FCO) from the U.S. Arrival time is around 8am on a Sunday in mid-September. We'd like to purchase train tickets to Venice for that same day, with arrival in Venice before 7pm, but would prefer even earlier. Wondering what amount of time to allow for customs and getting to train station we'll add our own extra amount of time to that for good measure, too. Mini rate is so attractive, we don't want to wait to purchase on day of arrival. Realize it can vary, but having any idea would be great. Thanks for any help.

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We might have just been lucky but we went through there on a Monday am last June and went through customs in no time at all, at the most 10 minutes.

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Customs anywhere but the US is a walk through. Bigger question, do you have to go through immigrations? Even that should take no more than a few minutes depending on number planes landing at the same time. Maybe an hour to get off the plane and through immigrations. Another ten minutes or so to the train station, 30 minutes for the Leonard Express plus some time to wait for the train and to purchase tickets. You could probably book a train to Venice around 11 to 12 pm which would put you in Venice by three. Noon would give you a chance to get a sandwich in Termini prior to departure.

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Reading your question, my first thought was to plan for a noon train to Venice. As usual, Frank is correct ( and first with the guidance ) !

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That gives us a much better idea of what extra time to allow. I think a noon-ish train to Venice sounds totally do-able. (Now I'm just betting on no big mechanical or weather delays. Since it's a non-stop flight from Chicago, at least we'd know that before departure.) Thanks!

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KG, In my experience, it doesn't take an excessively long time to clear Immigration / Passport control. Of course the variables are the number of flights that are arriving at the same time, and the number of staff on duty. At 08:00 on a Sunday morning, I suspect the staff will be minimal. Allow a few minutes to collect your luggage and walk to the train station in the airport. You can buy your ticket for the Leonardo Express as well as the train to Venice in the booths in the airport (or from one of the automated Kiosks - a credit card will be required). With the tickets for the Leonardo Express, DON'T forget to validate before boarding the train! You might want to research the Sunday train departures on the Trenitalia website, so that you have some idea what times are available. There are departures every hour. You should be able to connect with the 11:45 departure. If not it will be the 12:45 departure. In any case, you should be in Venice by 16:00. After checking into your Hotel and getting organized, you can have a fine dinner. You'll have reserved seats for the trip to Venice, which is 3H:48M. Be sure to note your Car No. and Seat No. (it's printed on the ticket). Note that your destination station in Venice is Venezia Santa Lucia. Happy travels!