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App for airports and wait times?

does anyone know of an app for airports and wait times for TSA? I am amazed at google maps and what they do on our highways with road closures and slow travel areas.
My son has a friend at google and I suggested this app for airports and wait times ( or typical wait times as some attractions will post the busiest times to visit for a given day).

Also what are some of your favorite apps when traveling?

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The TSA is a US government organisation. No TSA outside the USA.

If you are taking international flights, the bigger source of delay is immigration (passport control), especially on arrival.
It depends on time of day, what other flights have just arrived, and how many immigration officers are on shift.
There are usually two parallel queues, one for locals (any EU citizens in EU countries), which goes fast as they just check your passport is genuine, and another for "foreigners" which goes a lot slower.
Immigration can take 5-10 minutes on a good day at a small airport, 30-60 minutes being common, and occasionally more.

As for APPS, The DB app for train times, and for maps and route finding.

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Chris thanks for your info. BUT I know this and used the term TSA in a broad term for all security.
I do not think this would be too difficult to incorporate into an app if airports were amendable.