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Anyone know which train stop

Hi, staying at the Sheraton Brussels Hotel and towers on Place Rogier, 3 Brussels. Which train from airport do we take and which stop?

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Just a suggestion- if you email the hotel, they should be able to tell you, I would think. Best wishes, Maggie.

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Boy, what a mess. "Place Rogier" is French; it is in the Dutch speaking part of Brussels so it is "Karel Rogierplein" on the map.

I found it. It is only a short ways from the North (Nord) train station. It looks like there is also a metro station, Rogier, closer than Nord, but I don't think the metro goes out to the airport. It's hard to tell because, although there is an English side to the metro site, it doesn't recognize words like "airport", so I can't find a route. Brussels transit does run buses from the airport into town.

Anyway, according to, there are Interregio trains (IR) from the airport to Nord, but they have different 4 digit numbers throughout the day. I think you just look for trains to Nord.

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To expand upon Lee's comments, the metro does not service the airport. You need to take a train from the airport into Brussels. Also check out Brussels airport

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Trains do the run from Brussels airport to Nord, Centraal, and Midi/Zuid stations every 15-20 minutes, depending on the time of day. Brussels Nord is a little scuzzy (hopefully they've fixed it up in the past couple of years), but your hotel's only a 400 yard walk down Rue de Progres. It's less than a mile's walk from your hotel to Grand Place...but there will also be lots of buses and trams heading that way as well.