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hey hey Mona
Heard about repairs, ugggh and saw the news, was pretty ugly. upset travelers, getting a voucher, waiting till next flight available or next day, or another airport. find your own way. heard till end of month plus busy month to fly away somewhere. we leave Saturday to Paris but outta Oakland, thank god. good luck to all an pack a carry on of patience.

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We are flying down during the construction closure to visit family. I changed our flight to Oakland.

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Mona, thank you for this! I’ve just sent the link to several colleagues who are now trying to change to Oakland.

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We were supposed to fly out of SFO Monday to Heathrow and on to Warsaw. Got a text about the runway repairs a couple of weeks ago and that United would waive change fees if we wanted to fly from a different airport. I called to see if we could change to fly from Sacramento. At that time, they would not waive the additional fare, which would have been about $500 for each ticket. The substantial difference in fare is why we weren’t flying from Sacramento in the first place.

The United rep said to check again in a couple of weeks which I did on Thursday. Sure enough, we were able to change both of our flights to fly out of and into Sacramento with no additional cost to us. I’m very happy that we don’t have to drive to SFO (about 100 miles for us), but of course we now have 2 stops instead of one. Things must be pretty messed up at SFO for United to waive the additional fare! So if you are faced with flying out of SFO and you have an alternate airport, you might want to call your carrier.

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We had family fly SFO to Heathrow last night, no delays. The flight left on time and arrived LHR 40 minutes early.

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Every 'road' eventually needs repair.

Hitting a pot hole with your car at 30 mph is a pretty good jolt; want to try that at 150+ mph?

Best wishes to all who have to deal with the inconvenience

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We are flying out of SFO to Amsterdam on 9/18 (KLM). Checked same flight number for today’s departure and tomorrow’s delays. Keeping our fingers crossed.

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Good idea Erick we’ll start monitoring our departure times starting tomorrow, one week out.

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I'm flying Sacramento-Frankfurt and return with changes at SFO in mid-October. I sure hope the runway construction is completed by then!

Good luck!!

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Judys that's so great you were able to change your flight!

I'm glad I'm flying out of Oakland in 2 weeks on my first leg towards Europe, though it sounds like OAK may be busier than usual with overflow.

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hey hey
@. Judy’s glad you were able to leave out of Sacramento. Less miles and time for you guys even though an extra stop
@ CW Heard that Oakland and San Jose will be busy. Also read someone took Uber to San Jose. do what you gotta do, better than cancelling and if no insurance losing money.
Also heard early morning or late evening flights are better, how so don’t know. But with over 250 flights cancelled that’s a lot of travelers hoping praying and scrambling
Our flight at 530pm, get there about 2pm and sit in escape lounge till boarding, Found 2 for 1 on Groupon months ago. We are happy
Happy travels everyone

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Thanks for the heads up, Mona!
Betty and I are flying out of SFO at the end of the month.
We will both monitor the flights and keep our fingers crossed.
Good luck to you both!