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Anybody used LoungeBuddy or Priority Pass?

I'm arriving Frankfurt from SFO on a United Polaris Business Class ticket but departing for Bologna on Lufthansa economy (United Mileage Upgrade Award booked back on December). I have a seven (yes seven) hour connection (not originally planned that way). If I was on a full 1st/Business class booking I would expect to get lounge access, but I don't think I get anything with the outbound economy leg.

A reply to a query on Reddit indicated I may have access to the Lufthansa "Welcome" lounge, but that is outside security near baggage claim.

There are some third-party operators that you can use to get lounge access. "Priority Pass" is a membership deal and offers lounge access and/or dining credits at various airports.

Another I just learned about is Lounge Buddy. It looks like you can purchase one-time passes to various lounges. For example, a one-time pass to the Lufthansa business lounge at FRA is available for $70.

Anybody with experience with either of these outfits?

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I have Priority Pass through Chase Sapphire Reserve card -- used it in SFO (KLM/ Air France lounge before takeoff) and Zurich (four hour layover -- good food!!)
Probably would not buy Priority Pass if it didn't come free with credit card.

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I have the same experience as Laura at priority pass via CSR card. It looks like the PP affiliated lounge at FRA terminal 1 is landslide so may not work for you.

I believe the Lufthansa Senator lounges are technically their first class longes so they should be pretty nice. The few times I’ve had lounge access it’s felt great to get a shower after the long overseas flight. Plenty of food and drink. Nice German beer on tap and a much nicer place to wait.than in the terminal or gate areas. I do suggest you check the online reviews before committing to purchasing access. And make sure the lounge you select is appropriate for your flights. Lufthansa has many longes at FRA.

Have a great flight and trip.

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The non airline affiliated lounges that offer access for purchase have not been worth the cost in my experience. The best lounges tend to be the ones provided by airlines however these are often only for use for First/Business passengers or those with airline status. I've not encountered an airline lounge that can be accessed for a fee but if the Lufthansa business lounge can be then I would probably be tempted to pay $70 for a seven hour layover however you can book lounge access directly with Lufthansa so it might be cheaper to go via that route.

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If you’re considering paying, why not check out the MyCloud Transit Hotel. It’s airside and you can book a room for 3 hours upwards, so you can have a shower and a decent rest.

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We have Priority Pass through our credit card and have used it at various airports here and abroad. Lounges weren't terribly crowded; basic food and quieter than being in the terminal. Certainly better than spending 7 hours at a gate, but not as good as the business class lounges. If after checking with Lufthansa you find that they will not allow you access to to their lounge because of your ticket, then IMO the $70 would be money well spent.

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I am joining the chorus of "I have Priority Pass through my credit card." I have used it to access lounges in many places and it is one of the perks that makes me keep that particular credit card. I don't think I would buy a membership separate from having it associated with the credit card.

Usually, you get this if you have one of the "premium" credit cards with a high annual fee. At first glance, those cards can seem a little pricey until you line out what you get with the card. In my case, I always earn way more than the fee in cash back, it offers good travel insurance and coverage for car rentals, and priority plus lounge membership. It works for me. You would need to determine if such a card would work for your situation.

Did I mention the 100,000 points (worth $1000) bonus they are giving out for some cards right now?

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I have used LoungeBuddy. (The lounge in Cancun no longer takes Priority Pass FYI)

IT worked fine.

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@Carol: We just got the Chase Sapphire Preferred card last spring; I considered the 'Reserved' card that would have come with the Priority Pass access but decided the annual fee couldn't be justified for us. Up til then we've been using the United Explorer card and have built up a boatload of miles, but they're only useful booking through United. We got 80,000 Chase points for signup, which can be transferred to a number of other airlines' programs. (I think Chase has now bumped the bonus to 100,000 points!)

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Ick. It appears LoungeBuddy is only available using an American Express credit card.

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I love the American Express Platinum card and am grateful that Priority Pass is included with my annual membership fee. I use Priority Pass lounges every chance I get. AXP also have their own Centurion Lounges too, and becoming more prevalent. For either lounge it doesn't matter what airline you are flying, present ID and a boarding pass and you and a guest can enjoy food, drink, nice restrooms, and a respite from the challenge to emotional competency travel has become. I enjoy being able to use the lounge. Putting my bags next to a nice chair, and not worry about it. I can plug in my phone, computer or ipad for charging. Secure wifi. It's nice being able to enjoy time in the lounge where it is less frenetic and stressful than duking it out in the concourse. Many of the lounges have lockers where you can store a bag, and then wander around the airport and not having to haul a bag. If you do alot of travel, spring for a lounge membership. You only live once.