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Another transiting question.

If I go to Italy in the Fall, I would be changing planes in either Amsterdam, Munich, Paris or Frankfurt.
Most of the layovers are about 2-4 hours.
Has anyone had any bother with this, specifically with checking documents re Covid Vax Certificates?
I've had my two plus one booster; Canada is only offering boosters thus far to the over-70's, and to vulnerable folks.
What about where you can go within the transit area in these airports?
Do they like you to stay in a specific area or room, or can you go anywhere in the transit area as before Covid?
If you have a much longer layover, say about 7+ hours; would anything be different for that person for that length of stay?
Kind of a vague question, I know.

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No significant difference in protocols at this time.

Many people avoid CDG. It's massive and chaotic on a good day. The other three are all up for debate, but layovers of 2+ hours are generally preferred for less stress.

You'll have access to the whole area for intra-European (Schengen zone) transit during your layover: shops, restaurants, lounges, etc.

For very long layovers you could choose to leave the airport for a short visit, and go pack through security upon your return to the airport. 7 hours in the airport isn't fun, but I find those visits rushed, groggy, and stressed. I try to avoid very long connections. (When I have a connection of 3+ hours I may consider paying for lounge access.)

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I don't know Munich, but of the other three I'd say Amsterdam would be the easiest for connecting to another flight. With 7+ hours even CDG would seem to be OK, but with 2 hours it could be very difficult. I agree with Scudder about the stress and risk involved in leaving the airport even with a 7+ hour layover, but if I were tempted to do so I expect Amsterdam would be the least "bad" choice because the trains are so fast and frequent to a compact city center and back.

With a layover that long, at the airport, I'd look into some kind of lounge access too.

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Frankfurt: We transited through Frankfurt going and returning (March 25 and April 10). Other than wearing a mask and showing vaccination records, it was not different than any other time we gone through there. We did not have to leave the secured area. When we booked, Germany still required a covid test to enter Germany, but we did not need it if we did not leave the secure area. I believe Germany has dropped that requirement for Vaccinated people.

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Good to know that transiting has not changed much during the pandemic.
I’ve changed planes in all these airports pre Covid, and the most efficient for me was Munich.

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Speaking as someone who has a 7 1/2 hour layover coming up at CDG (transiting to Berlin), the last thing I want to do is leave the airport and then have to deal with security again. It's not worth it, even if Covid were not a factor.

Where you can go depends on the airport. At CDG, I will need to go through immigration (but not Customs) as I leave Terminal 2E before heading to my departing terminal 2F. Once there, I'm going to head for the Air France lounge and relax until it's time to board.