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Another train question for England

What is a travelcard?
I was on First Great Western site. I put in two adults leaving London Paddington to Tilehurst (Reading). It comes up 29 GBP. Okay. It shows single ticket. Is this one single ticket for the two of us? Also another site popped up showing a choice of a travelcard for 5.40 GBP. Some first choices show the symbol that you can get a single day travelcard along with your ticket. Would this be advisable for my return trip from Tilehurst back to London. It is still too soon to book my return on 21 June. If only there was one ticket price to purchase rather than having to worry about purchasing before we leave the USA. I need a ticket lv. London 7 Juneto Tilehurst (Reading) and return 21 June from Tilehurst (Reading. Thank you again for your information. Happy Easter.

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The price is £14.50 per person from Paddington to Tilehurst.

So £29.00 is the fare for two of you.

The return will be exactly the same fare.

This is a standard priced ticket and is available to purchase until a week before departure.

The travelcard allows you to take a bus from Reading Station to Tilehurst instead of waiting for a local connecting train, you present the travelcard to the bus driver and hop on ( It's the Number 17 Bus to Armour Hill - it leaves from outside the station ). In my opinion you are much better off taking the local train two stops down the line to Tilehurst. It's easier than trying to drag luggage onto a local commuter bus.

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Thanks Al, We will take the train to Tilehurst. It is only a few minutes apart to get off one and on to the other. The car rental office is just a couple blocks from the train station which makes it very convenient. I'm using 1car1. Some of ETBD staff uses this car rental agency so it must be good. I usually use AutoEurope but 1car1 came in cheaper and we don't have to pay until we pick the car up. One thing is they give you a car empty so hopefully there is a close gas station and then we have to remember to leave it empty. Yeah, drive from Bath to Tilehurst and hope you don't get stranded along side the road with an empty tank. Do you recommend purchasing a round trip ticket from London to Reading and back to London? I know if you need to cancel it is a 10 GBP fee for each ticket. We won't have access to a computer during our trip to purchase the ticket for returning to London after dropping off the car. Thanks again.