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Another Swiss Pass option!

We see so many questions about which train pass to buy for travel in Switzerland- Swiss Pass, Half Fare Card, Transfer Ticket, Berner Oberland Pas, Jungfrau Pass, etc. Each has slightly different coverage and it can be very frustrating to figure out. Here is yet another option to confuse things further, but it might work for those making a short visit with lots of train travel:

The Saver Day Pass starts at 58 CHF ( or 29 CHF with a Half Fare Card) and covers travel on trains, boats, trams, buses and Postbuses for one calendar day. The price is lowest if bought 30 days out and goes up as you approach the date of use. It cannot be bought on the day of travel.

Note that it does not cover mountain lifts or provide any discount on those.

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This Saver Day Pass is new. It was advertised extensively on TV when it was introduced, it is aimed mainly at residents taking daytrips, not tourists .It can only be bought up to 30 days ahead, and only on the SBB website (not at station). The coverage is the same as the Swiss Pass and Half Price Card.

In practice prices for nearly 30 days in advance are CHF 49 with a Half Fare Card, and CHF 70 without.

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Yes, the website statement that they start at 58 CHF ( without a Half-Fare Card) seems a bit misleading. I shopped for one 30 days out from now and the price was 62 CHF. Maybe one has to buy as soon as they are released, on Swiss time ( which is 9 hours ahead of the US West coast).

Still, it is worth a look for people who are traveling from Zurich Airport to the Berner Oberland without another type of Pass. Or maybe for Luzern if they plan on taking a boat trip the same day.

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Next time I go to Switzerland I am just going to buy all the passes. I'll keep them in a box and when the ticket person comes around I will let them sort through it.

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This could be a nice option for someone who is staying in Switzerland for awhile. They could get the half fare card, and supplement it with the 29 franc option day pass which seems available during the weekdays a few weeks out right now. So, for a big long trip, use the day pass, a shorter trip use the half fare card.