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another Ryan Air question..

I would like to print out our boarding passes for a ryanair flight here at home before we go. If i use 8 1/2 x 11 paper is that fine, or is there some reason they need A4 size sheets? I'm probably just getting overly concerned about details, but want to avoid any extra fees.

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The reason why they specify A4 paper is that this is the standard paper size in Europe. Letter and Legal paper sizes are US standards and are not available in Europe. But it shouldn't matter, the difference is not very big. I know Ryanair is picky about details, but I can't imagine - even for Ryanair - that they would measure every bording pass to check if the paper size is right. As long as the printout looks correct.

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I'm sure this post just sent off alarm bells in Michael O'Leary's office.


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We could not print out our boading passes until 15 days before we left,so we had to do it in Italy. Luckliy, we stayed at a great Agri that helped us make it happen.

Watch out for weight and size restrictions. I had to pull stuff out of my loaded suitcase and stuff it my backpak for our return flight. They also were making people stuff their backpaks in the "size checker". Only one carry on allowed, and they are strict about this(except at the gate! Go figure.)

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Leaving Bristol wo girls behind us were stopped at teh gate with their multiple bags. Don't know what they had done at checkin, but the gate attendant was strict.

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Thanks for the info. I'm definitely going light-carry on only, purse inside.