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Another Reminder--Babysit Those Bookings!

Yesterday's Delta Airlines schedule change caused one of my connections on a February itinerary to become impossible. So, they just moved those flights to the day before. Looking at my booking on their website, there were none of the normal indicators of a change to the itinerary--nothing highlighted in red, nor asking me to affirm the change. If I hadn't noticed, I would have showed up at the gate to come home, and been told I was supposed to be there the day before!

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Ugh....sorry to hear that! That is completely exasperating and yes, you should have had the red box across the top of your itinerary. Yikes.

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It is bizarre the way Delta changes itineraries and notifies the traveler, or not. For one trip, I booked my and my husband's tickets separately. He got his change email a full day before I got mine. Often, I've noticed a change and fixed it before getting an email. Most often an email does show up, sometimes on a timely basis, sometimes at least a day after the change.

Seems to me, Delta most often changes flights on weekends. I usually make it a practice to look at my itineraries on Sunday and Monday mornings.

Just a month ago, I got an email that my daughter's itinerary for a family trip changed so that her connecting flight left before her first flight arrived, and they were "working on alternatives". I called ASAP, so that I might have the best choice of options.

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Good advice. That happened to us in October with one of our domestic flights. We thought there was a 10 minute change from the email they sent us but when we looked more closely we realized that it was a day (earlier) and 10 min different! We called and made yet another adjustment to this problematic itinerary trying to get back from the east coast on a southwest flight.

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After 6-7 flights were changed by British Airways for our Sept, 2021, Switzerland trip, we found Flight Aware. You can use that site to determine if the flights sold to you have been flying, and their dependability. We found out that BA hadn't even been flying into San Diego since March, 2020, yet they sold us flights for Sept, 2021. Then they changed us to other flights that weren't flying. It was madness, but we did go on our trip, had a great experience, with no regrets. Good luck!

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Thank you for the reminder! Several months ago someone made a similar post that prompted us to check our flights to/from Athens next March. At that time there were no changes. Today I checked after Eric's post and, low and behold, the airline had shaved 30 minutes off our layover in Newark on our way home. It's probably too early to worry about time needed for customs, etc., as travel is so unpredictable at this time, but at least we are aware that we need to be pro-active.

Curiously, we booked thru United's website and although it states that notifications of changes in flights would be sent by email, but we did not receive one.

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British Airways did that to me on my current trip. They cmceled my flight to the UK but didn't tell me. I found out by getting a note that my seat had changed. When I logged in, my seat assignment was the same. It took me a minute to realize my flight had changed. They moved me from a day flight to a flight the night before at 11 PM.

I had made the flight through AA with miles. One call and they got me on a earlier flight.