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I am thinking you are referring to JFK mess....glad I am not there, as it seems people are getting cranky. Carry-on is always a good idea, especially on those kind of days.

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Maybe the travelers checked their luggage so they could take more liquids. They've got liquids now.

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I didn't realize that JFK airport has a trout pond.

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They don't. It is carp pond.

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Terminal 4 JFK was a NIGHTMARE....a busted water main flooding international arrivals. That was the last straw of the mayhem there this past weekend. Other terminals with open gates were not taking in the overflow (pun intended) of arriving planes all weekend because there are no contingency plans to make that happen. Talk about a wake up call to the Port Authority.

The entire post-nor'easter weekend at JFK is yet another reminder NOT to check in any bags.

Finding luggage at chaotic JFK is near impossible

A growing sea of thousands of pieces of luggage flooded JFK Airport’s
Terminal 4 on Monday, one day after a water-main break there wreaked
havoc and forced evacuations.

Frustrated travelers groused that finding their luggage among the
hoards of bags was like searching for a needle in a haystack.

“They haven’t told us anything,” fumed London resident Cameron Watts,
25. “One of my colleagues I traveled with found one of her bags — she’s got two — so we know they have to be here somewhere.”

Roan Lraben, 28, who flew in Sunday afternoon on a Delta flight from
Amsterdam, said not having his baggage yet was putting a damper on his
five-day vacation to the Big Apple.

Sunday’s massive water main break at Terminal 4, which handles
arriving flights, sparked a travel nightmare and resulted in an
evacuation after about 3 inches of water flooded the building.

In the midst of the chaos, which included a power and heat outage,
passengers were forced to abandon their luggage and flee....

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And to pack light. And to make sure your roller bag has a handle on the side so you can carry it high enough to avoid what needs to be avoided. And best of all, to use a backpack if you possibly can.