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Another question on buying train tickets in France

I just want to clear up a few things before I purchase these tickets.

Is it self explanitory when purchasing train tickests on TGV?
What I mean is are prem tickets the cheapest? They are usually non refundable right?
What is the difference between prem tickest and the other options?
I am pretty sure the days and time of travel except for my open day trips from Paris so I would try and get the cheapest as possible.
When you do get these tickest on the TGV they do come with a reservation?
So what kind of tickets would you print at home?
Can prem tickets also be picked up at the train station with your email confirmation along with the credit card you used to purchase them.



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Stew....PREMs are the cheapest you will find...PREMs are not exchangeable or refundable (as noted on the tgv-europe website.)....all tickets purchased on the website come with whatever reservations may be necessary...not all PREMs are printable at home, but they are the only tickets that allow that....PREMs tickets can be picked up at the train station with your payment credit card. The pickup/printing options are clearly spelled out as you go through the booking process (but you cannot have tickets posted to you).