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Another Question in the French rail System

I am starting to get the hang of this French Rail system.

I like the option of buying tickets a head of time.

I noticed from Paris to Arras(the area of Vimy Ridge)that is is as low as 28E on the TVA.
I tried RailEurpoe and is is 30.00 US? Why whould it be cheaper on RailEurope which I thought was more money?

If I book all my tickest on the French system can I pick them all up once I get to France?
Or should I wait on some of them because of possible change in plans if my ticket has that option?

It would probbly be best to just buy tickests that you can exchange for that reason?

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I've learned the hard way, for both France and Italy, anyway, that buying tickets ahead on RailEurope is only worth it if there is a particular train on a busy route and a date/time that you must have. While tempting, you are better off waiting until you arrive at the stations. There you can see all your options, as well as get help from an agent and pick up the tickets for the next stop(s).

Using the online schedule is great for laying out the itinerary and seeing what is feasible. I found a really detailed map helpful because then you can input some cities you might not have thought to select.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if we had train service like Europe in the US?! Good luck!