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Another question: Connecting flight

Flying out of Dallas/Ft. Worth on American Airlines -- arriving Heathrow at 8:25 a.m. -- departing on British Airways at 10:40 a.m.

At which terminal will I be landing? Have searched the Heathrow website and cannot find.
How long will it take me to get from one terminal to another? More complicated than I originally imagined:)

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I wouldn't know which terminals, but particularly on a busy day, going from one terminal to the next at Heathrow is, to put it mildly, a bit of a journey. If your plane does not park directly by the terminal (not all do), buses will arrive to transfer the passengers into the actual arrival terminal (there never seems to be enough buses to take everyone at once). From there, you will wait in a series of lines to catch the next bus to your connecting terminal. Its taken me as little as 20 minutes, from plane unloading until stepping in the departure terminal to as long as an hour... and this is before you reach the security queue.

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On the American Airlines website you can look up the flight information that includes arrival and departure gates. The DFW-LHR flight today is scheduled to arrive at D25. The BA site has a similar function. Another place to look is
It show AA flights using Terminal 3 and BA flight using Terminal 5.

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At least an hour to get from T3 to T5. You might make it but it would be very close.