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That is priceless. The author of the letter is an astute observer of human behavior and an excellent writer with a flair for comedy from tragedy!!

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Cleverest thing i have read in a long time. Hope Mr Ryan gets to see it.

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In my one experience with Ryanair I found them to be efficient and cheerless. And their "Paris" airport is halfway to Belgium. They seem to have consistent.y lower rates than the other budget airlines. That is somewhat balanced by the inconvenient airports and flight times.

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I like Ryanair and have never flown anywhere with them where a remote airport came into play. But this was funny, particularly the description of the Middle Gimp who had apparently "accidentally inserted something sharp into somewhere private and been unable to remove it before he came to work".

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Thanks, Ken. What a fun read. The writer is a wonderfully talented wordsmith!

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I can totally relate to that well written complaint letter, as my daughter had a similar experience (at the same airport), just a couple of days ago!

She was so disgusted with their "lack of empathy or assistance!"

The only option given to her & her friend was this;
"you can buy a new ticket for tomorrow, but you will have to pay full price."


It's a good thing my daughter & her friend decided to buy a ticket with a different airline.

Thanks Ken for posting this!

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Although this is really funny, I am also having a little trouble with this. They have arrived at the airport 1 hour before their flight and it's on Ryanair so presumably they are already checked in with boarding passes in hand. Why are they not simply going to their gate? They have 20 minutes to do this. I realize I have never been to Stansted (and hopefully never will!), but this is not adding up...what am I missing?

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this story is a few years old. I remember reading quite some time ago.Ryanair have changed quite considerably over the last couple of years and I actually used them last month for the first time ever and had a great experience.

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Ryanair realized that by being "decent" to people, I'm not saying "nice," they actually made more money than when they were ridiculously strict.

Imagine that.