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An Airport Without Security

I flew from Reykjavik Domestic Airport to Aykureri, Iceland today on Air Iceland Connect, a subsidiary of Icelandair. Besides being over three hours late--hello compensation--there was no security. You went straight from the check in counter to the gate. (Granted, it's a tiny building.)

I have flown internally in a few countries and always had to go through security. I was somewhat shocked.

There was, however, security for its one international flight to Greenland.

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Wow, that is really something in this day and age!!

Have fun in the wilds of Iceland!

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In 2011, we flew from Edmonton International Airport (Alberta Canada) to Churchill Manitoba (also in Canada) to see the polar bears. On the return flight from Churchill, there was no security - we walked from the gate in the terminal outside to the B737 plane and up the portable stairs into the aircraft. We, too, were shocked. (And yes, we did see polar bears!)

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I have flown from Anchorage Alaska to Kodiak on both 737s and Dash 8s. There was no security for the Dash 8. I asked and was told that the difference was due to the much smaller size of the a Dash 8.

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Flew Hawaiian Airlines in 2012 from Maui to Molokai when they used to have a nonstop direct flight (now you go through HNL first). Plane was 4 hours late, TSA guy went home. No one went through a security check. But then everyone on the flight was a commuter except me. They all knew each other like family.

Didn't even think about worrying about anything.