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An airport warning.....

There was a warning issued today regarding travel through Vancouver International Airport (YVR), however this could be a problem with other airports in other countries as well. A group of international thieves appears to be targeting low security areas in airports such as baggage carousels, but they also seem to be taking advantage of any opportunities where travellers aren't watching their belongings carefully.

Whether travelling in North America or Europe, increased vigilance may be a good idea.

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Thanks Ken.. thats good to know.. we fly from YVR usually.. and yes, we tend to be more careless there than when we are abroad.

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. . . use the ugliest, most garish cases you can find . . .

Duct tape strategically placed, helps to make the fanciest luggage look undesirable.

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As if I needed another reason never to check luggage.

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I am at the Frankfurt airport all the time and am often surprised at how lax people are with their belongings. They will leave their carryon sitting next to the sinks in the WC while using the toilet, leave their bags on the seats at the meeting point while they go get a coffee or use the pay phone. I end up telling them to take their stuff. One, if security sees a solitary bag, they close off the area and it is a pain in the neck, or two, someone can easily steal it. We have quite a large population of homeless that live full time at the airport cause life is better there than in the city. So, watch your stuff no matter where you are.

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Thanks...good to know.

I always check in luggage, namely the biggest piece, the spinner. The shoulder sack is the carry-on, but before I started using the spinner the shoulder sack was also checked in.

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I've long heard that you have to be quick to the baggage carousels at the Las Vegas airport because bag theft there can also be a problem.