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An Airline Exec Explains Flight Schedules

Brian Znotins, Vice President of Network and Schedule Planning at American Airlines, explains how airlines publish and adjust flight schedules on American’s vodcast for employees.

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Interesting. Thanks for the link. That seems to explain why Swiss Air is always goofing up my seat reservation by changing planes several times between the time I book and the actual flight. They must not know which aircraft they’ll have available until it gets closer to the flight date. They change from a boeing to an airbus or an airbus to a boeing, which have different seat configurations.

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Thanks for sharing that. It puts some information behind what I'd observed anecdotally—That while some airlines change schedules a number of times prior to 'locking them in', on AA I usually only see one change, a few months out.

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Yes, Dave, add my thanks for posting this. It does provide some insight into why flights change/cancel/swap equipment.