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Amsterdam-Zurich-Paris 10 Days...Travel Help

Hello there,

Myself and 2 of my friends are planning for 10 days trip to EUR itinerary follows Amsterdam-Zurich-Paris..We prefer to travel by train and bus...Should we buy a 3 countries rail pass (Netherlands,Swiz, France cost 1240 EUR for 3 adults) or will buy tickets at station.

Trip Itinerary 2 Nights in AMS - Night sleeper train to Zurich ( 2 nights) Oneday trip to titlis & luzern than to engelberg next day) -
Zurich to paris ( 4 nights).

Please share your expertise in choosing right pass & assist with the travel itinerary.

Thank you


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If you buy nonrefundable non-changeable tickets well in advance, off hand I'd say you would pay about 1/3 of that 1240 euro, half anyway. Remember, the Eurail pass only covers the train ride from Amsterdam to Zurich, not the cost of any sleeping accommodations. You will also need to buy reservations on the train from Zurich to Paris. And you could have a bit of bother because these trains limit the number of pass holders on the train. So you might not get the train you want and have to wait until a train below the quota is available.
You might also find that going Amsterdam-Paris-Zurich saves because you would not need a night train, and fly home from Zurich. Unless taking the night train is something you really want to do. They are gradually being eliminated and that Amsterdam-Zurich night train could be on the chopping block in a year or so.

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The previous response raised an excellent point about the required reservations on French high speed trains even with a rail pass. These reservations are quite expensive.

The value in rail passes is convenience and flexibility. If you must make reservations, you have lost the value in your rail pass. The website, the man in seat 61, has a lot of great resources you might want to look at.

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Don't buy a rail pass, and don't buy tickets at the station for your long-haul routes (Amsterdam to Zurich and Zurich to Paris). Instead, buy advance tickets online. This is MUCH cheaper than the other two options.

Here's a great discussion of railpasses vs advance tickets vs last minute tickets, from The Man In Seat 61:

Details about Amsterdam to Zurich are here:

Details about Zurich to Paris are here:

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I agree with a previous post that you might want to change the order of your travels. Am-Zu-Par requires two longish train journeys because you need to get to Zurich AND leave Zurich. If you fly into Amsterdam, take the train to Paris and then take the train to Zurich, you've eliminated one of your long transfer days as the Amsterdam-Paris train is much quicker.