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Amsterdam to Rothenberg, Germany to Munich by rail?

Can anyone tell me how to get a basic schedule together for my honeymoon trip in April '08? I want to go from Amsterdam to Rothenberg, stay a nite or 2 and then end my trip via rail in Munich. I went to the bahn website and got confused. Can't figure out approx cost for 2 and how much time it takes to get from one city to another, etc?

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According to the DieBahn rail site:

Seat reservation is recommended.

Depart Amsterdam Centraal 08:04 Platform 4b
Arrive Frankfurt(M) Flughfen Fern bf 11:51 Platform Fern 5.

Depart Frankfurt(M) Flughfen Fern bf 12:01 Platform Fern 4.

Arrive Wurzberg Hbf 13:31 Platform 5.

Depart Wurzberg Hbf 13:41 Platform 2 a/b.

Arrive Steinach 14:24 Platform 3.

Depart Steinach 14:35 Platform 5.

Arrive Rothenburg ob der Tauber 14:49 Platform 1.

Cost: 128,80 Euros.

Duration: 6 hours 45 minutes.

There are other trains with longer duration times.

Go to this site and check it out.

You must enter Rothenburg ob der Tauber. There is another Rothenburg in Germany.

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Here is the link for Lander Tickets and the Bayern/Barvarian Tickets which gives you very good buys on tickets.

Emmerich appears to be the border crossing into Germany.

Andreas and others are very well versed in the Lander/Bayern tickets, areas and prices.

You will definitely want to buy a Bayern ticket for Rothenburg ob der Tauber to Munich.

Enjoy your trip.

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According to the DieBahn web site, the Regular fare from Rothenburg ob der Tauber is 56,00 Euros each. There is a Special Fare for 29,00.
I'm not sure if this is in reference to the Bayern/Barvarian ticket. Rothenburg ob der Tauber is in the Barvarian area of Germany.

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On the site, after you enter departure and arrival points, you will get summary timetables showing a variety of routes and the total time for each. Click on "Details for all" to see the connecting points and the travel time between those points.

The best standard 2nd class fare (€108.80) I found on for Amsterdam-Rothenburg ob der Tauber followed this route: Amsterdam-Koeln-Wuerzburg-Steinach-Rothenburg ob der Tauber. However, booked well in advance, there is a discount fare for the Koeln-Wuerzburg leg of €29 (regular fare €59). Booking each leg separately and getting the discount brought the total down to €92.40. The Wuerzburg-Steinach-Rothenburg legs together totalled only €10.60 so aBayern ticket wouldn't help there.

However, a Bayern ticket will definitely be your best choice for Rothenburg-Munich. The total for both of you together will be €27.