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Amsterdam to Prague overnite train reservation questions

So i have my rail pass and am looking to book the overnight train to Prague from Amsterdam. Is the rail pass just a passport that allows you to get on trains because the online booking says i have to pay an additional 90 euros to reserve a couchette. does this sound right? thanks!!

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The railpass gets you onto most trains for free. Some trains, generally high speed or overnight trains, require an additional supplement. You should have got a leaflet with the pass detailing what it does (or doesn't) cover.

Think of it like when you have to pay an additional $2 to have the crab legs at the all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet.

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Hi jigar,

What the rail pass covers is the distance that you will travel. What it does not cover is enhanced features on certain trains. Some high-speed trains are considered more luxurious, and therefore have a mandatory reservation fee that you must pay in addition to having the rail pass. This reservation fee is included if someone buys a point-to-point ticket so everyone pays it regardless.

A night train is the same concept. Your pass will cover you for the distance from Prague to Amsterdam (assuming it is a global pass, or otherwise a pass that covers all the countries you will pass through) and you would not need to pay an extra fee if you traveled during the day in a regular seat, but you need to pay an additional reservation fee which covers the additional feature of having a bunk to sleep on.

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thanks for the replys guys. i finally understand how it works...