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Amsterdam to Dublin

What's the best way to go?
One sister afraid of flying...
It's looking like we may have to, but if that's avoidable I'd love to know how to do it!
Thank you!

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You can take a combination of ferries and trains. Go to and you'll see that you can take a ferry from Amsterdam to Newcastle or from Rotterdam to Hull. You can take a ferry from either Holyhead or Liverpool to Dublin.

For train timetables to get you from the east side to the west side, go to

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You could also train to Cherbourg or Roscoff, France and take a ferry to Rosslare, IE and then bus to Dublin. Obviously it is longer––about 2 days, but the ferry is overnight and kind of a mini-cruise if you squint really hard and pretend (floor show, gambling, very small rooms to sleep in)

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It's going to take at least a day and a half to do it by land/sea. After a very bad Channel crossing many years ago, I swore I would never take a ferry across that stretch of water again. So I always fly or (nowadays) take Eurostar thru the Channel tunnel. If you must go by land, you can take an intercity express Amsterdam-Brussels, transfer to the Eurostar to London, then catch a train/ferry run from London to Dublin. But there's only one daytime train/day London-Dublin, and it leaves Euston station at 9 am. The earliest Eurostar train from Brussels doesn't arrive until 8:30 am, so you'd never make it to Euston on time. There are a couple of overnight trains London-Dublin, putting you into Dublin the morning after you've left Amsterdam....but with sleeping accommodations, they'll cost more. Or you could stay overnight in London. However, if you can convince your! Didn't she have to fly to get to Amsterdam,or are you the adventurous one, living in Florida?:)

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She does fly. We just have to drug her. :o)

Yes I'm the best flyer out of the 3 of us however only the 2nd most adventurous. Which is why I'm still in Florida instead of Chicago with them.