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American Airlines: How did you get your credit?

Hi all,

We are attempting to reach American Airlines re: a full credit for a canceled trip due to the travel advisories (w/no waived cancelation fee) and would like to ask how you accomplished this and if you could share the process you used.

Also, once the credit is issued, is this visible in your account or elsewhere on your account?

One final question...if you rebooked the same trip for later in the year, and the fare was less, did American Airlines credit your full amount back and issue a voucher for the remainder of what you paid initially?

Thank you so much for your guidance.

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I see my flight from JFK to FCO on April 24 is canceled yet I was never contacted by American. We were flying open jaws and it shows our CDG to JFK on May 26 scheduled. I will deal with this tomorrow by going online, canceling the CDG to JFK, go to their refunds page, request a refund and list extenuating circumstances since the first leg of the trip was canceled by them.

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If your flight has not been canceled, you may be able to do it online by going into your reservation. I was able to cancel,our Alaska Airlines flights that way. The credit showed up in "My Wallet."

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We had flights from Charleston to Philly to Lisbon and back March 31-April 8 using miles. We got a steal at 37k miles R/T. I checked my reservation yesterday and the PHL-LIS and LIS-PHL legs were gone but the CHS-PHL and back legs were still there! I didn't get a notice either. I'll wait a week or so for things to sttle down and I'll call to get my miles reinstated.

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Yesterday, we called American Airlines to cancel our flight, and picked the option to have them call us back. We were at home so that was easy. They said it would be 2 or more hours for the return phone call. In about 2 1/2 hours a friendly person called us back.

We cancelled our flights, but our type of ticket did not allow a refund. But we have credit for the full amount, but must use and return back by Dec. 31, 2020. Also, we can not change the ticket a second time, only once.

I do not think they will refund any extra, and I did not think to ask. Good question, though.

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I am booked through Expedia with British Airway in mid May on a nonrefundable fare. From what I see on the BA website is no charge to change a reservation or a voucher for future travel. The websites are jammed and BA is referring me back to Expedia where I can’t sign into my account. I can understand they are swamped but what I am wondering, would the voucher be transferable? I am a senior and not sure I would be able to travel on a BA flight again. Could I give the voucher to my granddaughter, for example?

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While you may not be able to give or transfer the voucher, perhaps you can book the new ticket in her name? Just a thought.

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Our 4/24 flight from JFK to FCO was canceled by American. Our return from CDG to JFK on 5/26 was not canceled. We also booked flights from PHX to JFK to arrive the day before I n order to break up our trip because we fly with a guide dog. When I requested a refund under the extenuating circumstances option for the flights that were not canceled I explained how we break up the flights due to the guide dog. All our flights were non refundable. Our refunds were credited to our credit card the next day. We are thankful and will make the trip at a later time.