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If you want to know what's going on in the airline world at any given minute, see and enter the airport's name. It's a very interesting website.
It tells who owns the airplane and what they're flying too.
The map shows all the planes in the air at once. It's unbelievable how many planes will be in the air at peak times in regular times. Even now, there's a lot of traffic hauling freight.
Even our small town airport has Atlas 747's coming in most nights hauling who knows what--for defense department and NASA--to/from Mexico, Anchorage and Luxembourg mostly.

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Probably should have included this.

"Fort Worth-based American Airlines Group Inc. (Nasdaq: AAL) is taking several steps to try and weather the storm. The company already said last weekend it was slashing international long haul flying to a daily flight between DFW and Miami to London, and three weekly flights between DFW and Tokyo.

American is reducing its domestic schedule 30 percent in April — a 55,000-flight reduction — and even more so in May, Isom said in Thursday's letter. Also, American will park approximately 130 widebody aircraft and 320 narrowbody planes. The company is looking at making more cuts as demand for travel continues to drop."

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But it does appear American is only converting some flights to Cargo only. So if you have a domestic flight or other flights they may still be going on.