Alitalia: How to redeem expiring miles

I need help with redeeming 31,000 miles I purchased from Alitalia last Christmas time for $1,020. The miles are expiring at the end of this month, June 30. I have travel to Italy booked on Alitalia for September, but the class of ticket does not allow me to use the miles to upgrade the seats. If I spend $2,000 more on my seats I can use the $1,020 worth of miles to upgrade. I am not interested in spending more. Alitalia customer service has been unhelpful and rude and doesn't care that I have $1,020 dollars invested in them that I can't find a way to use in the 6 month window they provided. I have thought about ways to somehow turn those miles back to cash. I though about booking through Alitalia a refundable flight on partner airline Delta, and then try to use that ticket as credit with Delta in the future. However, I expect Alitalia will require 50,000 miles to purchase that ticket since that is the minimum for their own bookings. I am not very excited about buying more miles with Alitalia and sinking more money into this mistake. So, I am looking for creative ideas as how to put 31,000 Alitalia miles to work in the next two weeks before they expire. I am considering a charitable donation, which I've done before, but I don't see an easy way to do it on their website. Thanks in advance for your ideas, Dave Dave

Posted by David
Marlborough, Massachuse, United States
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I will do that, thanks. I also canceled my existing tickets with Alitalia and am going with another carrier. The customer service experience with them has been horrific. I can't imagine what they are like with delays and lost luggage.