alitalia--E-COUPON CODES

Hi anyone know how to get an e coupon from ALITALIA-I signed up for their newsletter which they state they will send an e coupon but no luck-is there a number to call?
thanks in advance

Posted by Tom
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The e-coupon is simply an alphanumeric code that Alitalia would have sent you by email. I'd re-read any emails you've gotten from Alitalia to make sure you didn't overlook the code. I'd also look into your spam or junk mail folder to see if it contains any Alitalia emails. If no luck, the Alitalia customer service number is 800-223-5730.

Posted by Brad
Gainesville, VA
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I don't want to sound negative but this could be a good lesson in Alitalia rarely delivering what they promise, let alone what you expect. Although I'm not really overjoyed with any airline, Alitalia is the only one I actively avoid. If you fly them, one of two things will happen. You'll arrive on time, your baggage won't be lost, and you will wonder why everyone talks bad about Alitalia. Alternatively, you will have a horrible trip - marked by poor customer service and lost baggage, topped off by them not really caring. IMO the chances of the latter are way too high to risk flying with them.

Posted by annette
scottsdale, arizona
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yes got it-----you need to sign up for their newsletter----------thanks also, alitalia is partners with delta and I am hoping delta has better service than most?
thanks again

Posted by Tim
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"delta has better service than most?" Why heavens no, I personally don't think so. In fact I'm beginning to loathe delta and I long for the days of dealing with USAirways. No, I don't think delta is any better than the rest of the scum sucking airlines out there today.

Posted by Schy
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Did it take a few days for you to receive the email with the coupon code? I signed up for Alitalia's newsletter but I have not received an email with the coupon code for $100 off. How do I get the coupon code?