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I will be travelling from Toronto to AMS via Frankfurt. Having read several questions and answers concerning connecting in Frankfurt,some say you go through security again in between gates and some say no, can someone therefore please put my mind at ease concerning the following. Am I to understand luggage will be booked through to AMS and I won't see it in FRA? I will go through passport control at FRA but not customes.Customs check if required will take place at AMS? Do I have to go through security again when going from Air Canada gate to Lufthansa gate which will be my flight to AMS or do I stay within security when transferring?.
It seems everyone has a differewnt opinion and I would like to know for sure as my wife is not an easy flyer. The less stress I encounter the better I am of. Thanks in advance for your replies. Ian.

Posted by Andreas
Frankfurt am Main, Germany
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At Frankfurt airport you will go through Schengen immigration. You go through customs where you recollect your luggage, which is in Amsterdam. You'll stay in Terminal 1 but will most likely have to walk from concourse B or C (more likely B than C) to A where the Schengen-domestic flights depart. If you follow the signs and take the tunnel between B and A you will not have to go through security again. It is, however, easy to take a wrong turn after immigration and leave the security area for the main terminal building. In that case you'll have to go through concourse A secruity again (and that can take a while). If you check with Frankfurt Airport's website today all the AC flights including the one from YYZ came into 1B and all the LH flights to AMS departed from 1A. (The Frankfurt airport transfer guide may be of help. Sorry, but this website doesn't take links today...)