Airport transfers

We will be taking a Mediterranean cruise in Oct. from Barcelona. Anyone know of a website to check the best way of traveling to the hotel from the airport. As of right now, our hotel does not offer shuttle service. We may be able to change hotels at a later date. Anyway, any suggestions would be helpful. Thank you,

Posted by Frank
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Hotels with free shuttle service are rare in Europe. If they have a shuttle, expect to pay. What does the hotel recommend from the airport? Generally that is the best place to ask this question.

Posted by Chris
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Thanks for the reply. There is one hotel, via the cruise line, which does offer a shuttle; however, it is already full. I have tried to make contact with the hotel, but have not been successful. I was able to find a website with some info. Will follow up with that. Chris

Posted by Roberto
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I know BCN well. I would take a taxi especially if you have plenty of luggage. Not that expensive.
There is also a shuttle bus that goes back and forth from Plaza de Catalunya to BCN. It stops at Sants and maybe another place. Convenient and cheap, but then if your hotel is not walking distance from Plaza de Catalunya or Sants station, you might still need a taxi (metro would be cumbersome if you have lots of luggage). In the end the taxi might be just as cheap for two or more people and certainly not convenient. Try not to fly into BCN at rush hour (early morn or evening) because traffic is a mess at that time.

Posted by Chris
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Thank you for your suggestions. We arrive at BNC at about 7:15 am on a Sat. I did check the autobus and it looks like the bus stops right at the Catalunya plaza from the airport terminal. Our hotel is suppose to be within walking distance of the plaza. Chris