Airport to city transportation in Sofia, Bulgaria

My husband and I are planning a Rick Steves tour to Bulgaria in September. What suggestions do you have for getting from the airport in Sofia to an in-city hotel? Any good public transportation options? Mary

Posted by Rose
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The RS Tour office will send you detailed instructions for how to get from the airport to the hotel for the start of the tour.

Posted by Leslie
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Hi Mary I am flying into Sofia on the 22nd so I have been also checking transportation options. It appears, from everything I have read including RS recommendations, is that you have two options - bus or taxi. Usually, I would take the bus, but I am getting in later than I wanted to so it looks like the taxis are quicker. Sofia seems to have problems with taxi drivers overcharging people so the taxi of choice is OK Taxis. The airport has a contract with them and they have offices in both terminals. It is recommended that you go to the desk and they will take care of the reservation for you and point you in the right direction. The bus is cheaper but takes a little longer depending on stops and traffic. If you look at the Sofia Airport website, they have information about both options and they also have pictures which, as a visual person, works best for me. I will be happy to let you know how it works out after I am back if you still have any questions.

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This is not an answer to your question but it does have to do with Bulgarian. I will be on a RS Bulgaria tour in September also.  I have found some free telephone apps that might be useful.  In particular, there is "Cyryllic free" that teaches the sounds the cyryllic letters make.

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We're going on the Bulgaria tour beginning Sept. 22. Since we're arriving in Sofia late on the 20th, I've arranged with the Crystal Palace Hotel (our tour hotel) for a €20 shuttle from the airport. The €20 is good for up to three people.

Posted by Leslie
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Hi Mary Just got back from my trip So I thought I would let you know about the transportation to Sofia. I went by taxi and it was very easy. When you come out of customs into the arrivals hall and look to the right, in the far right corner, you will see the booth for the OK taxi - which is the recommended one. If you need to use an ATM, it is to the left when you exit. The lady at the Hertz booth pointed it out to me. There are a few taxi drivers wandering and asking if you need a taxi, but they were not pushy. Just go to the booth directly and they will set you up. The cost was 12 lev and it was a quick drive into the city. Hope this helps if you decide to go with a taxi.

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So is this the place to check in for the Sept. 22 RS Bulgaria tour? My friend Carmen and I will also be on the trip. Look forward to meeting everyone. We arrive on September 17 and are working on our pre-tour plans now.
It looks like taxi or airport shuttle are the way to go for airport transportation to the hotel

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Hi, this is Kellie's friend, Carmen! The Hotel Crystal Palace has a shuttle for hire also, if you are using that hotel. One way for 3 passengers is 20 euro and is 35 euro for round trip. If this is an option for you, then email them to reserve date and time. I am looking forward to visiting Bulgaria!