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AIRPORT Hubs in Europe?

In the US flying hub to hub is always far less expensive that flying city to city. NYC, DAllas, Charlotte Newark examples. Are certain airports considered hubs in Europe. I have limited funds and do not wish to see how much money I can waste to be convenient. I would like to stay in Europe till after holidays. Any help is appreciated.

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Where are you and where do you want to go? "Europe" covers an area slightly larger than that of the US. ( 3.9 vs 3,8 million sq miles)

Is where you want to go accepting US tourists?

What the cheapest route from somewhere in the US to somewhere in Europe is could be different from day to day, or change several times a day.

Provide a bit more detail and the likelihood of useful answers increases.

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Much of "Europe" is closed to Americans right now due to the virus. Of the places open, some require a 14 day quarantine.

You need to figure out where you want to go. Then come back and with more specifics we can help.

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London, Paris, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Madrid, Istanbul all have hub airports. But if they are not where you want to end up, you’ll be taking a train to your destination and paying extra anyway. Rather decide on a few places you’d actually like to spend time in and work out which hub works best for you.

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need a reason, there are also highly discounted flights available on low priced airlines like RyanAir and Easyjet ans Wizzair. They can get you to a smaller airport very easily - in fact they often use smaller airports.

You need to tell us where you are and where you would like to go.

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You go to Google Flights. You put in the international airport nearest to you for DRIM, you enter EUROPE for TO and choose ONE WAY and NON STOP and a DATE of departure. Then look for the cheapest flight destination. Then using one to toy with round trips. Then try the second closest airport to you with direct international service and repeat. Also changing dates will change the cost You have about 100 variables but you can work your way through it in 9 or 10 hours.

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Yes, there are several hub airports in Europe. There are a number of airlines, and while the low cost airlines generally don't have hubs, all Flag carriers have at least one, sometimes two or three, hubs.

The five busiest airports in Europe are:

  1. London-Heathrow (hub for British Airways)
  2. Paris-Charles de Gaulle (hub for Air France)
  3. Amsterdam (hub for KLM)
  4. Frankfurt (hub for Lufthansa)
  5. Madrid (hub for Iberia)

But there are others as well. Lufthansa has a smaller hub in Munich e.g. And as mentioned, every flag carrier has at least one. TAP has a hub in Lisbon, Austrian in Vienna, SAS has three hubs (Copenhagen, Stockholm and Oslo) and so on. Whether that affects price is a good question. But if you are looking at intra-European travel, many times the train is a much better option.

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I often fly into London because I find that I can get very good airfare from where I live to London. Both frequent flyer miles and cash tickets. I have also found that I can generally get fairly inexpensive flights or trains from London to the continent if I plan ahead. I know others will tell you not to do this that you should go where you’re going to go but it’s a lot easier to go to London or Amsterdam and work from there then spend an inordinate amount of miles to go to Stockholm for example.

You do need to realize that you have unprotected connections. So when I land in London I do not plan to go any place for at least four hours, and I’m also willing to pay the price if I miss my connection and have to buy a full fare ticket to wherever I’m going. When I come back home I am in London the night before my plane back to Atlanta

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I formerly lived in a small town and was really limited to one airline: United. The cities that were usually the cheapest for me to fly to were Frankfurt, Munich and Zurich, though one year it was Brussels, one year it was Nice and one year it was Geneva. As someone else mentioned, things change moment to moment. If you can figure out the best airline for you to use, you can more easily find its hubs.

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Thank you for so many replies and information. Knowing hubs definitely helps. I had a lovely trip but would have stayed as long as possible with more planning. No trouble even with covid. As I was making reservation s to return to the us price actually dropped while I was filling out form. Great fares $163 Copenhagen to Newark on TAP one day notice. $230 Lufthansa.