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AIRPORT: How do you leave it safely ?

Do you always leave the airports of the cities you visit BY TAXI ?
Do you think this service can be trusted at all airports ?
Thank you so much for your views on this

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We leave almost all airport via some form of pulbic transit. Taxis are our last choice.

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You do some research in advance. Use one of Rick's books to find out about transportation options from the airport to the city center. Ask your hotel about the best way to get there. See if the airport website has information on transportation - most major airports do.

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Hi Lelia Maria--I am a big fan of public transportation, and my husband sometimes jokes about how extensively I study subway or metro maps before we travel. But my favorite way to get to and from the airport is by car service. I know it's more expensive than a bus, train or metro, but when I am tired and carrying a bag or two I really like being picked up and dropped off right at my destination. It feels like a luxury to me; just my opinion. As for taking a cab, legitimate taxi stands are clearly marked at airports in major cities or you can ask at an airport information desk where a taxi stand is. I don't know where you are traveling, but taxis at airports in Europe are as trustworthy as taxis in the U.S. (i.e. fares will be posted; a meter will be in plain view). If you ask about transfer from a specific airport you will find people on this board with lots of experience and good suggestions, and all the Rick Steves' books discuss ways to connect from airport to city.

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Taxis are fine, trains and buses are fine. I've done all forms of transport (including rental cars) and have never had a problem. I usually choose the cheapest option unless I have a time constraint.

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Taxis are notorius for driving around before
taking you to your hotel. I would email your
hotel and ask them what taxifare should be. Ask
again before getting into the taxi.
They also put the meter on 2 instead of 1 and
the cost will be double.
They are allowed to do this at certain times but
they try it a lot.

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How do you leave an airport in the US safely?

It is the same all over the world.

Take public transportation. Stay away from the over eager taxi guys. And be aware of your surroundings.

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Knowing what airport you will be flying into will help people know what to tell you.

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I usually get a car with driver - not a taxi. I do this as it takes me 24 - 28 hours to get to Genoa, my usual first stop in Italy and I am way too exhausted to use public transport. If I'm traveling around Italy though I do get public transport. As far as trusting the cab services I don't think it's a problem as long as you use a registered cab. All the airports I have been usually have a queue of cabs all marked as such and often an airport employee who organises them. It's really no different to what you would do at home.

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If I'm arriving in the late evening, I like to stay at a hotel near by that offers direct shuttle service. I then continue my journey the next morning in the daylight, after a descent night's rest. I also take advantage of the concierge services and get local recommendations for a good breakfast to start my day.

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When people ask how to know how to find the bus or subway, I always say "ASK". There is always somewone who understands English and will help you. Often I have people on the street stop me and ask if I need help. Once you are on the bus or train there will be some one who will tell you where to get off. In 20 years of travel I have NEVER had a problem using public transportation.