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airport arrival for flight from CDG to BLQ

How early do I need to arrive at CDG before an early am flight to BLQ?

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Check on your airline's web site and add 30 minutes for finding the right counter. CDG is a big airport and my times there always crowded.

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Three hours. That airport is a zoo FULL of humanity. And some inhumanity. I've flown out of that airport several times; I'd be a wreck if I got there with only two hours to go until departure time...The security line is always horrible (tons of people and a very slooow-moving line), and it's a trick just to get through the mass of people to actually reach the security line. And if you need to visit the ticket counter before your flight (pick up boarding pass, or check luggage) - oy. I always use the self check-in machines. And there's a chance you'll go through two or even three security checks - searches - before you actually board your plane. And these extra searches don't happen only when there's an announced threat...And don't get me started on spontaneous strikes... Three hours. Even if it's only to Bologna. Absolute minimum - two hours. Good luck.

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thank you, ladies. :)
That's how I felt in Venice several years ago. nuts! I am planning on self check-in on arrival since I will be departing CDG within 24 hours of arriving. That should save time as well, plus I'll only have a carry-on.