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Airlines cutting capacity

According to the Cranky Flier, many airlines are cutting capacity through the fall, winter and into 2022.

American is making drastic changes to its flights to Europe.

I haven't checked all the facts so double check this yourself if you may be affected.

By the way, less capacity, higher fares.

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Frank, thanks , this is a really good list of each airline and the routes they are cutting back. Sadly, there is future flight madness on the horizon.

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If America isn’t letting Europeans in, then demand will be halved, so it follows that flights will be cut and prices will rise.

Business has got used to using Zoom, Teams etc for meetings rather than going in person so fewer of the expensive seats at the front will be required.

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OTOH Cranky says that Air France will bring back Seattle-Paris and initiate JFK—Guadeloupe in November.

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Looking for flights for 4 people O'Hare to Prague and Venice to O'Hare for next June and I'm torn if I should book now or wait until the new year. Decisions!

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I had a recent experience with American changing my December TYS-PHL-FCO flight rerouting me through London. When I called the airline to change my ticket to the original itinerary (was showing on their site), I was assured the flight was confirmed and it was a “computer glitch” that changed my flight. The next day my PHL-FCO leg was cancelled. I requested a refund. As much as I wanted to visit Rome, I found this to be a sign that maybe I should wait a little longer before I travel.

This article makes sense regarding my flight because the airline showed the aircraft being a 787. With American receiving far fewer than anticipated, it could be longer than the projected Mar return (IMO). It’ll be interesting to see what happens over the next couple of months.