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airline travel from Greece to Palermo

I'll be in Olympia next month and want to travel to Palermo. It looks as though I will have to travel to Athens to catch a plane to Palermo. Any suggestions re: a different city (if more affordable than Athens) and/or airline suggestions?

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Well, there is no airport in Olympia, and Athens is the transpotation hub in Greece. There are also no direct flight from Athens to Palermo, so some type of connection will be required. Try a few options on and see what might work. Vueling Airlines has some, mostly connecting through someplace in Spain, and it looks like Easyjet may have a flight that connects through Rome.

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Thank you so much for your response. I will check into those websites!

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Easyjet will take you from Athens to Palermo via either Rome or Milan (your choice). Other airlines are possible but are unlikely to match Easyjet on price. No airline flies Athens > Palermo direct.