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Airfare to Italy for Fall

Hello, planning a trip to Italy in October. Should we purchase tickets now, or is there any realistic possibility of airfare getting cheaper? I've notice that a lot of the specials are: purchase by May 5th and travel by Sept 29th. What happens in October? Higher?

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When I have my dates I book the flight - I've seen it go down and seen it go up also.

With the gas games going on - you might be better off
getting that out of the way.

I like to get it out of the way and start planning
the rest of the trip, rooms etc.

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For the Airlines, Oct. 1 is a season break. Mid-June, July and August are peak, May/early June and September are shoulder season, April and October are the tail ends of Off season. October tickets should be cheaper than September or August tickets, but not sure if they will be cheaper than they are showing now. My hunch is that it is too early for specials, you are seeing the normal season price. Prices most likely won't go up over the next month(My opinion) and specials may kick in, basically, I think you are safe waiting another month and watching.

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US Air has reasonable prices for fall flights right now ( example-Phila to Rome $512.00 RT ). I would book and get it over with.

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This is something that I'm currently wrestling with too. We're planing a mid November trip flying into Venice and out of Rome. I did discover which has the same itinerary as Air France (but doesn't say the airline) for about $175/pp cheaper. For our trip we're looking at $772 booking the flycheapabroad. But after last year getting roundtrip for two from Seattle to Heathrow for $813 total (after all fees, etc...) I wonder if I could expect the off-season fare to drop closer to the $600 range.

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We're going to Italy leaving Oct 5 and returning Oct 17. I've been following the ticket prices for months and I bought our tickets last week. The prices for Oct travel are about as low as I've seen them. Gas prices are headed upward so it only a matter of time before airfare goes up even for travel in Oct. I'd but the tickets now and sleep well.

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I caution you: do NOT fly on Eurofly even if the prices are cheap. You get (or don't get in their case) what you pay for. Any other airline but this one: teeny seats, no service, poor organization, delays without explanations.