Airfare to Europe

We are planning a trip to Europe from New York/Newark going into one airport (probably Brussels) and out another (probably Berlin). However, most websites we have seen assume travel in and out of the same airport. Lufthansa's website is the only exception so far. What is the best way to find the best rates and most convenient flights? Is a travel agent the way to go? Or am I just not looking at the right websites? Thank you

Posted by Bob
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Hi Cathy. All websites will do what are looking for. Look for 'multi-city' or a similar option. Enjoy your trip!

Posted by Zoe
Toledo, Ohio, US
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On any website, look for the tab that says "multi-city" instead of "Rounnd-trip".

Posted by gone
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hi, if youre using skyscanner, it doent have that option - at least i havent seen it. happy trails.

Posted by Harold
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What you want is called an "open jaw" flight. However, this term is not used on the websites for some reason. They call it "multi city." Nowadays, almost all airline's websites, as well as online travel agents like Orbitz and Expedia, and multi-airline searchers like Kayak and, have this multi city option, so that's where you look. Start with Kayak or matrix.itasoftware, so you can see a variety of airlines. Then, look directly at the airline's websites to see if you can get a better deal. And, good for you for doing this! We see so many people on this helpline who've booked round trip instead of open jaw, then spend a lot of extra time and money because of this.