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Airfare Remorse?

We are planning a September trip from the East coast to Frankfurt. I have procrastinated on purchasing tickets but plan to do so asap and as soon as I can get in touch with our friends in Germany.

Chances are that airfare will not be as low as it was a couple weeks ago...right? I chicken out every time when committing to airfare. I guess I am looking for some consolation - thanks!

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Mary, you're not alone! I'm terrible at commiting to an air booking. I do just what you say you do, I chicken out. And I often end up paying more because of it.
My friends now say they don't believe I'm arriving til they see the 'whites of my eyes'!

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I always hesitate before purchasing tickets, but once I do, I do not look at prices again before my trip. I'd rather not know if the price goes down...I'm just happy that my flights are booked and I'll be on my way soon.

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Mary, I think you should still be able to get a reasonable fare for September travel if you started looking now. Check a few airlines websites and also and see what the airfares are, and then check a few times a day to see if it comes down. Usually it does.I know that Delta is still advertising their sale to European destination so you may strike it lucky there. The secret to committing is to decide what you are willing to pay for a ticket and once you see that fare or something close enough to it get your tickets.
Good luck.

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Well, I am happy to report that I have purchased our tickets! Thanks for the advice and consolation - greatly appreciate it.

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I'm planning to fly to Paris in early Sept and fly back from Venice in mid Sept and still haven't booked the flight yet! I keep seeing the fare going up compare to 2 weeks ago! But kayak and farecast are saying to wait and the fare will drop. Now it is just frustrating because I haven't seen it gone down yet, but up! Do you guys think the fare will drop soon??

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Mary - the trick is, in my opinion, when you see a fare that you are comfortable with financially (not emotionally), buy it and then forget it. You're done - it's bought - there's no turning back - FINISHED! One less thing to worry about.

Money is an emotional issue with alot of us and you just have to do the best you can and be happy with your decision. You will NEVER know if you got the "best" fare.