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airfare opinions

Hi, Just wondering if I'm being unrealistic here. We're looking to fly NY area to Munich in mid to late Nov. and have been seeing a pretty consistent price (checking regularly for the last month) of $750 non-stop r/t per person. Last Sept. we paid $460. I'm thinking of waiting a few more weeks hoping for a lower fare. Do you think I'm waiting for something that's unlikely to happen. We usually buy airfare 3 to 4 months out. Any opinions? Thanks in advance.

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Airlines are cutting back flights and keeping prices up. Seems a long gamble

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There was a dip in prices on July 27th, for at that time period. Then another one on August 17th (about $40 more.) There is a subtle pattern there. These lasted just a day or two. If prices don't dip for a few days this week (maybe next), you probably waited too long. Check out the seating availability on your favorite flight #'s. This will give you an idea if more fare drops will be in the cards. I typically find flights at 15-18% off the "consistent price" you're seeing. From the west coast, that was $600 last autumn. For this year's fall trip, the tickets I bought on July 27th were $750, and I feel confident that's the best I could do (plus I had to settle for a sucky, outbound first leg that leaves at 6:30.) Be very happy if you see anything in the mid-$600's. If nothing comes up by the 21st, it's time to suck it up and pay the $750. But of course by then, all the most desirable flight slots could be pricier.