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Airfare goes down 25% from when I bought- Any recourse?

As the Title says, I bought tickets from United. Of course the actual flight is on Lufthansa. I used United because I had an expiring $800 credit.

Is there any recourse? I still want to go, but at the much less expensive price.

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I would contact UAL and ask what can be done to get some sort of a credit toward future ( other) travel. Assuming you bought a 'non-refundable' ticket, I see no prospect of a cash refund.

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The answer depends on what type of ticket you bought, and to where.

You may not be able to get a refund, but if you cancel the existing flight, you may be able to get a credit again.

Since you were using an existing credit, that may just go back as a credit. But the expiration date may be the same as before.

Here is information that may help:

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We purchased United tickets jan 2023 for our May- June 2023. We are platinum and purchased business class Polaris. Husband noticed the price went down over $1,000 ish maybe a month or so after buying them. I can’t remember what type they were. But anyway , I called and they gave me future credit of $1,700 ish per person. They expired within year of original booking. We are going back end of November this year , so I will use them credit

Good luck

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What exactly was the type of ticket that you purchased from United? No one can really give you any advice until we know the type of ticket.

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I bought a rt to Paris for $758 with luggage and other airlines wanted $1000 without luggage . If my fare dropped to $650 I am not fretting. I saved $300 off the going Rate