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Airfare from SFO to CDG

I'm looking for roundtrip airfare from SFO to CDG during mid June. My parents said to just keep looking everyday because prices are always fluctuating. What is a considered a 'good' price?

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Use websites like, travelocity, expedia, and etc. right now to get an idea over the next few days or so, exactly what the going rate is now. Then simply keep monitoring them on a daily basis (several will allow you to sign up for e-mail alerts for your route and dates), then jump on the one you think you can afford if you see a price drop. With the airlines cutting back on their seating capacity, and the use of sophisticated load monitoring software, 'sales' are coming at any and all times, and don't last long. I'd leave it no longer than two months out before making a case things get sold out.
If it's a possibility, also put fare alerts for airports that you can commute to...suchas Sacramento. Some times you will find a cheaper air fare out of the smaller centers, as the airlines try to bulk up their "feeder" passengers on longer trans-continental or intercontinental flights.

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If you're under 26, look at STA Travel. We just got round-trip tickets SEA-AMS for October, for less than $650. All other travel/airline sites were around $850.

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You got some great prices! I just paid considerably more than that for open jaw flights from YLW-FCO and FRA-YLW.

It's possible I could have done a bit better by waiting, but there's no sure method of predicting airline prices. I just wanted to get something locked-in so I could start planning the rest of my trip.