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Airfare for July 2008

My family is flying to Nice, France next July from either San Diego or Los Angeles,and I am looking at airfare to purchase. I have found economy airfare on the major airlines to be between $1300- $1500. One iten to mention , we llike to make 1 stop. Is this a good airfare for July, 2008 or should I wait?

In the past 3 trips we have traveled in the spring and were able to fly Economy Plus on BA for just a few hundred dollars more. Now they want about $700 more to flyEconomy Plus, Yikes!!!!! I gave up trying to use my miles on Ba and will save them for 2009.

Thanks for any suggestions you can provide.

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It's way too early to find good airfare for next July. I'd expect summer deals for next year to come out sometime after the first of the year. Watch the prices for awhile so you get an idea of what it "normally" costs, then you'll have a better idea of what is a good price.

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I would wait for at least six months. The closer you get the cheaper it will get. I booked a flight this morning for a trip I am taking in three weeks. I am flying open jaws from Sacramento to Amsterdam and out of Prague to Sacramento:$1055 including tax and fees. I could have done it $100 cheaper for a longer return flight [6 hr layover in Seattle].

When you see something to your liking about 90 days out, book it. I had a work issue that required me to book on such short notice. I would check all the online travel sites. Some of the lessen known ones are the best:, travelocity, orbitz, etc can get pretty pricey. I would also check the major carriers against the online travel sites. I did a ton of research for my flight. I still feel like I paid about $300 too much [I got a similar flight last January for under $800, probably because it was winter].