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Airfare for Fall Travel

When do Fall travel deals typically get posted on airline sites? So far most of them are blank or just as expensive as summer airfares. Will prices drop as much as they do in the Spring? Thanks!

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From previous experience, barring changing economic situations, the price drop-off usually begins for flights in late September or early October. All bets are off, however, if it's a period of economic flux (like right now!).

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In 2001, 2002, and 2003 I found that travel deals for the fall began in April and the best deals were "gobbled up" by May. When I returned last year, I did not see a huge price drop all year. Here is my theory: (and it is just that-no facts to back it up) After 9/11 travel really fell and that is why we saw good bargains about 5 months in advance. Because of the economy, that could be true again this year. However, I would just start watching now. About a month ago some really good deals popped up and they included the fall. (Around $600 Seattle to Frankfurt round trip including all fees-it was about $900 last year) Unfortunately I could not committ a month ago and I am still not sure about going back this I will keep an eye on it later in the spring.

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Unfortunately this is the $64 question with no answer. A travel section on the Today Show today suggested that current tickets are about as cheap as they are going to be with much higher fares expected in the Fall. The argument was that the declining economy has rapidly reduced demand but the airlines are unable to respond quickly so they have a lot of excess capacity now that they are eager to fill. However, by late Spring, early Summer, they will have adjusted capacity to the lower demand and then will be able to maintain higher prices. IF !!! this argument is valid, then I would assume you will not see Spring prices for a while. Sounds reasonable but I have no idea how accurate that is or could be.

I think you need to set a price that you are comfortable with and grab if it gets close. A little like buying and selling stock. It is always difficult to buy at the lowest level.

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The whole air line industry has changed. There is no way to know when rates will change.

Best advice I have read is to call the lines you consider flying every day and ask for the lowest rate to your destination. Rates change daily and more often with some lines.

If you read comments on this page from people searching for low fares you will see that everyone has different advice for you.

Read the Graffiti section entitled "Flying to Europe." It is under "Transportation."

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Check periodically but they should be apparent by April-May timeframe. and they will be less than summer fares for sure.

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When I was trying to find a good rate for the trip last year that I never took, I noticed the rates were much cheaper right after Labor Day and they were even less in Oct & Nov. Does not mean that will happen this year but you should see a lower pricing for fall flights after Labor Day.