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I awoke to a great fare alert from hipmunk. That sparked that 'day trader' feeling that sometimes comes over me. So here's my thing.
I bought business class tickets from airfare (no one came close). They were business business business on Virgin. I know that Virgin has upper class. I couldn't pick my seat on airfare, at least I thought I couldn't, and then when I bought the tickets, they were economy plus. canceled the tickets (they were unable to send the email until I sent them one. Kind of worrisome, if they were sending all of my private info to some stranger with a similar email.)

I tried again. It happened again.

Is there a secret word for business class on Virgin? It's a several thousand dollar difference at the moment.

Any other suggestions would be welcome as well.


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Can you be more specific about which Virgin airline you want to fly? I looked at Virgin Atlantic, for instance, which cleary shows Economy and Premium Economy fares. But maybe that's not the Sir Richard Branson airline you want to fly. Anyhow I suggest going straight to the source by shopping on the appropriate airline's own website.
In my experience tickets from an agency like are only rarely cheaper than buying from the airline itself. The agencies' big advantage is putting together multi-airline itineraries.

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In this case, it was Virgin Atlantic. Maybe you'd like to critique what I do. This year, my options are wide open, and I've been checking out a number of scenarios.
I check the conglomerate sites, then pull up the airline to see if they are the same. If they are close, I'll choose the airline because I believe (with no facts to support it) that they might 'know' I did that.
I have been flying USAir and was close to a transatlantic trip with miles, but they are far more expensive that other carriers just now, and it was hard to find a flight listed anywhere, including the usairways site. Same thing for its future self, American. I thin that that has straightened out some.
In this case, the 'business' flight said 'business' until the confirmation of the purchase. Because I have to fly business, have to be choosy about the vessel (and save money elsewhere), I check it at every single stage of the process. When the confirmation came through, it was 'x-economy'.
This afternoon I've been noticing that business means economy on many airlines, including the supersaving Iberian (they get a bad rating, so I'm passing).
I just wish what I got was what I bought. The only thing I can think of is that Virgin Atlantic speaks of 'upper class' (with or without limousine) and that means first class.

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Right you are, Richard. What is happening, at least this weekend, is that the site won't allow seat selection until purchase. THAT is when I learned that the status had changed from business to x-economy. SeatGuru itself has a new search engine, but that's not really functioning just yet.
In the past, it was enough to have seatguru up in another window whilst trying to get a seat.

Perhaps it's time for me to go to daytrader school.....

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No wonder you are gnashing your teeth!
love it when websites, time out while double checking stuff..thats my No.1. gripe.

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I have flown with Virgin Atlantic several times, and I am wondering what seat class you are calling "business". VA calls their seats Upper Class, Premium Economy, and Economy.

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You are right, Nancy - the terms don't mesh well. On the search engine sites, I look for business, as the choices are 1st, business, and the 2 economy levels. When the details came up, having choses Virgin Atlantic, it said 'business'. The fare was lower than the Virgin Atlantic website - much lower. On these aggregators, there's no way to select upper class w/ or w/out limo driver.
In fact, for a reasonable price, what my target price was, I saw Virgin, and it said 'first class' although my parameters had remained 'business class'. Out of energy, time (that curfew for cancelation...), and trust, I just let it go.

(Oh - I see you are looking at my questions #1. Please see continued)