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Has anyone ever booked a flight on Your comments would be appreciated. Thank you.

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Hi Linda, Funny you should ask this question just now.
I booked using them and because I have one letter missing in the last name of my husband's information I am having one heck of a time trying to get it corrected. A link that was forwarded to me showed that once you book your ticket with them AND you have a problem, forget the service. It does not state what the end result was. (I will post what happened to me once I get it figured out.)
I've used out of Seattle twice and "should" have used them for this trip to England. I was just trying to save money.
All travelers: Make sure you spell all names correctly and USE the name that is on YOUR PASSPORT!! I'm told by the airline that possibly I could be denied boarding the plane for this "little" /BIG error in one letter missing out of our last name Newman (Neman). Maybe the people looking at this will just skim over the name and think it is Newman. Well, nice thought. Maybe someone else has a good suggestion.

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7209 posts is a fine place to purchase tickets if you need NO customer service. Just make sure you know what you're buying before you hit the final BUY button.

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I found it telling that whenever a low intl. fare was advertised on, frequently popped up as the consolidator. The advertised fare was never available, and the higher fare then quoted was not markedly different from other providers. I did not respond to this bait and switch and chose to buy from

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I had the exact same experience as Martin. Unless you are confident you won't need customer service and the savings are too good to pass up (assuming you can actually get the cheap 'teaser' fare), I would avoid

Vayama was excellent, as was Although I did not have to make any changes/corrections, so can't really say about their customer service, both of them did an excellent job of getting the flight information organized. Flycheapabroad sent emails out keeping me informed of any flight changes, and also reminders to print the boarding passes, etc. We'll see about vayama as the trip gets closer.

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I booked my last trip in February from Paris to the US on - no problems - seats assigned as requested, etc.

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Miss B-
I've had that problem once a while ago (in 2005 if I recall correctly). I was flying out of YUL to CDG and back from FRA to YUL. I had no problem out of Montreal but the lady warned me I might have problems when coming back. In Frankfurt, the lady asked me for other ID and went to talk to some other person. I started to freak out a little inside since I was traveling with a group and didn't want to be stuck by myself in Europe. Everything was good in the end though. She let me pass anyway.
I hope you can figure out everything before you go though.

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Name misspelled. After Al from this site gave me some "buzz" words to use, I called NWA AND after 8 minutes they are going to re-issue my ticket. They will email me a confirmation when it is done. I've been working with AND NWA several times with different answers. THANK YOU AL, I hope you are able to get home today!!
I did not know the airfare price but they were lower than the other agencies I contacted. I won't be using them again.

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How about sharing those "buzz words" with the rest of us?

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I've used often to fly ATL-FCO as they often have the best prices. Luckily I have NEVER needed customer service and all flights were posted through to Delta Skymiles account no problem.

My last flight was one-way to Rome from ATL in 1/3/08 for about $325 all in ... about 2 weeks in advance - Regular Delta fare, more than $675 for same flight with those time restrictions.

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Hi Tim

I'm never far away and if you ever need technical help with an airline reservation you can always PM me.

The technical terms I gave helped in this case because they were specific to an individual problem.

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I may be a bit late in responding to this post, but here it goes. My daughter and a friend booked their airfare with for an upcoming trip to Italy. It has been a nightmare! If you should need customer service you will regret using them!! British Airways made a change to one of their flight segments and cancelled another segment. When we called BA to try and figure out what to do, they said we had to call Three days later, after being repeatedly disconnected after we waited for sometimes almost an hour on hold waiting our turn to speak to someone, and after several faxes that no one responded to, someone suggested we use a different phone so they couldn't see our name on the caller ID. Just a suggestion and one I thought silly at first, but it worked! We called from a different phone and finally got through! I would say to anyone considering, check out all your other options first. Beware if you use this company. We regret it!!

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Thank you everyone for your advice. This is such a great website!